When compared with competitive sun-cured alfalfa products, Alfagreen Supreme’s dehydrated alfalfa proves to hold higher amounts of protein, digestible fiber and digestible energy.  This nutrient density is highly beneficial as it assures you that nutrient intake is easily obtained by your horse.  Alfagreen Supreme’s dehydrated alfalfa provides a higher concentration of nutrients in a smaller amount of feed, a dietary necessity for horses1.

Alfalfa provides several nutritional benefits throughout the life of horses1:

    • Alfalfa meets the increased nutritional requirements of gestating horses.
    • As high quality forage, alfalfa provides the nutrients lactating horses require.
    • Young horses need easily digestible fibers, such as those found in alfalfa.
    • Alfalfa provides nutrients that are essential for competitive horses as they train and become selective of their feeds.
    • As horses age, their need for an easily digestible fiber and nutrient absorption is increased by alfalfa.

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