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Alfalfa is considered an essential in milk production of dairy cows as it is an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals4.  Dairy cattle who consume alfalfa as part of their diet are capable of producing more milk.  Alfalfa also provides a higher digestible diet than other feeds13


It has been noted that as swine consume alfalfa, their fat gain is decreased and their muscle gain is increased.  The variance of these two gains depends on the age of the swine as well as the amount of alfalfa being fed12.  Swine nutrition is influenced by alfalfa at various stages of life4

    • Alfalfa aids in the production of milk in sows and growth of pigs.
    • Alfalfa provides a healthy diet for sows, preventing them from devouring their piglets.
    • The nutritional value of alfalfa contributes to the fetal development of pigs.
    • Increased weight gain among hogs is notably affected by their consumption of alfalfa.

Beef cattle

Alfalfa is a valuable protein and energy source for beef cattle.  As beef cattle require higher energy sources to gain and sustain higher body weights, alfalfa is the premier choice for feed.  As a result, beef cattle gain weight faster and maintain themselves in higher conditions5.

Alfalfa benefits beef cattle in the sense that4:

    • Beef cattle that are fed early cut alfalfa gain weight at a faster rate than when fed other types of feed.
    • Alfalfa is a more economical source of protein than other types of feed.
    • Beef cattle are capable of easily digesting alfalfa and enjoy its palatable taste.




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