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The consumption of alfalfa will not only increase the growth of young chicks, it will also influence the coloration of the skin.  One of alfalfa’s key components is lutein, a substance that causes the yellow-orange coloration of poultry skin15

As commercial laying hens experience molting, there is a negative effective on the production of eggs.  As hens grow older, their capability to produce eggs is decreased.  However, when providing alfalfa to molting hens, the outcome is more productive.  Generally, the hen is healthier and has improved performance9.  Alfalfa also benefits laying hens in other areas6:

    • It has been suggested that alfalfa positively affects the fertility of various poultry breeds.
    • The nutritional value of alfalfa contributes to hatchability.
    • Enhances lutein and zeaxanthin content of the egg.
    • Enriched coloration of the egg yolk.


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