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Providing specialty animals with a high quality alfalfa product will enhance their performance and provide several nutritional benefits. 

Alfalfa is a proper source of many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for sheep health, including carotene, a form of vitamin A. Carotene encourages the growth, proper vision and the development and maintenance of skeletal and epithelial tissues.  Vitamin E is also found in alfalfa and provides sheep with the materials the body needs to maintain cell health11.  Alfalfa is a frequent roughage choice for several other reasons3.

    • Alfalfa is a more palatable type of hay that sheep tend to prefer over other types of hay.
    • Pregnant ewes require increased nutritional needs which are easily obtained through their intake of alfalfa.
    • Alfalfa provides the increased amount of protein and calcium ewes require throughout their lactation period. 

Alfalfa provides a less expensive protein source for lambs as they tend to graze and eat often.  Those lambs that are raised on an alfalfa diet grow at a faster, healthier rate and have a reduced risk of illness4.

Alfalfa is one of the most preferred and economical feeds for goats, as they tend to eat plenty roughage at a steady pace and it provides majority of the protein and vitamins they require.  Goats are capable of easily digesting the nutrients found in alfalfa, as opposed to other types of hay and roughages3.  By combining alfalfa with other hays and grains, you can guarantee that the protein level in your developed feed is high enough to encourage a healthy digestive tract14.




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